About The Company

Nutrichick Feed Consulting was established in 2007 and is located in Abbotsford, British Columbia. We take pride in providing independent nutrition and management services to poultry producers, feed mills, and companion animal food manufacturers across Canada and internationally. We focus on feed formulations, product development, and quality assurance programs to maximize profits for our clients.

Our Mission

Nutrichick’s mission is to help our clients achieve their specific and individual, feed and performance goals. Our diets are formulated using an extensive ingredient database that is continually updated with specifications based on a combination of experience, results, and leading industry research. For poultry clients, Nutrichick also offers reviews of production facility management practices in order to offer recommendations for improved flock performance.

By regularly monitoring formula costs and conducting performance reviews, Nutrichick can ensure client feed and performance goals are being met. And, through frequent valuation of ingredient costs our clients can take advantage of timely buying opportunities to lower their feed costs.

Drawing from Nutrichick’s expertise in feed formulations, product development and quality assurance programs means our clients can rely on us to maximize their net returns.